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Doggy beach

The Doggy Beach is built according to modern architectural choices, in order to integrate better with the surrounding marine environment, and provide its customers with a pleasant stay, accompanied by their inseparable friends to 4 legs ....

To provide their users are the following services:

No. 90 workstations equipped with umbrellas, No. 2 with canopy beds and camp bed (optional) for the dog.

No. 10 Dog-VIP seats, equipped with umbrellas, No. 2 with canopy beds and camp bed (optional) for the dog within a dedicated enclosure the size of 4.00 m x 3.20 m where your dog will be there without the use of the leash.

Factory made according to law against architectural barriers, with toilets, changing rooms for the disabled and walkways of a minimum size of 1.50 meters offering easy access to the sea.

Kiosk snack bar where you can stop by with your dog to enjoy a leisurely drink, or enjoy one of our dishes in a unique sea view.

Toilet divided by sex.

Walk in dressing room.

Free showers and hot showers to take in hand.

Free showers specially designed for dogs

Small pool with the aim of testing the swimming ability of smaller dogs, before bringing them into the sea.

Waters delimited in order to ensure secure access in the sea of dogs.

Corner shop dedicated to dogs, where you'll find what you need to spend the day at the beach with your friend, leashes, bowls, toys, and our merchandising signed Doggy Beach.

Space grooming self-service, designed to facilitate your on cleaning your beloved dog, after spending the entire day at the beach will return to the hotel room, apartment or home with the utmost hygiene, clean sanitized and dry

Veterinary Service for all diseases that may arise during the stay on the beach of your beloved dogs.

Presence of a canine highly qualified instructor with a rich entertainment program in order to inspire and cheer the most of your stay and that of your animals in the Doggy Beach.

Field-dog agility where dogs can roam free ...

So much love from all the staff of the Doggy Beach for your puppies ....

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